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Monday, March 06, 2006

IM HUNGRY AND I NEED FOOD! FOOD! what happened to food. ahhh we need food to survive. All of us 2H people sacrificed our recess time to perfect the dance thing. haha, I mean, yeah we need to cause our rehearsal is today and we don't wanna embarrass ourselves. haha, but stillll my stomach is growling, my head hurts, and these are signs that I need FOOD! Hahah okok. I thik we're going to kfc after school. haha so not so bad la. But I realised I haven been eating loads of fastfood nowadyas. Yesterday me and Marisa bought this whole big chicekn from cold storage. haha

anw Im supposed to be doing some english recount thing in school now, btu who cares. Everyone is surfing their own stuff. ohh well. ehh the holidays are coming and I think we're having a veggies renioun! ahah so all the veggies must come ahh. Yeah! Hahah can go eat and watch movies. Talking about that, there's like so many movies I wanna watch. Pink panther & big mommas house final destination and soo on. hehehe okok i gtg bye!


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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have a sudden craving for some OC episodes. Yes I know it's weird. Haha, but it's just that I havent been watching the show for quite sometime already and I want to! So few people in school watch it. Oh well. It's a nice show! I wanna watch season 2. Anyone who has it please lend it to me k. Haha. and seth is so goodlooking lol. :D although he looks a lil geeky but it's ok. Haha.

There's history test tomorrow! darn. I've studied for it already haha but still feel a little unsure la. like all those stuff on malaya and so on. You know what? I think history is quite nice nowadays. haha. something INSPIRED ME to like history. hurhur. Im not sure about the hypothesis questions. pandan cake didnt go through it properly with us. everyones saying different things about how to do the hypothesis and now Ive got so mixed up. Oh well. I think I will just use my mums way cause she's also a history teacher. haha. Yep

sometimes I really really wish I could be rich! Hahahaha. That's just wishful thinking I know. But if I was then I could get everything I want like all those cool shirts the stars are wearing and all. And I'd get some kinda cool car like ferrari or convertibles. Hahaha. and then when I grow up I'll get a villa! Oh yeah my brother's friend has a villa. so damn cool. Haha, i think it's three times the size of 3 of my houses. and he doesnt allow any of his friends to go in cause he's scared that they'll break his stuff -.-

haha I gtg now and I realised there's alot of songs on california. thats dead random but nevermind.

We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number one
California here we come
Right back where we started from
Hustlers grab your guns
Your shadow weighs a ton
Driving down the one-oh-one
California here we come
Right back where we started from
California Here we come

haha we were practising the dance for family night and yen fern sure can shake a whole lot. Hahaha.


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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hahah,Im in school right now with Hilary blogging beside me. I just realised there's something wrong with this keyboard. Haha, cant even press properly. Anyway there's tennis later again. Haha,I dont feel like going today. and I wish that some 2H people were in tennis. haha. I changed my blogskin! Nice nice? and I accidentally deleted my tagboard so all of you better go tag me again. hehe.

I got back my lit! It's terrible la. almost failed. I got like 13/25. arghh Im getting boderline passes for so many things. Hmm I failed by entire bio this ca1.. and maybe mep too, so it sucks. The other subjects are okok. Like mostly Bs. I have to work harder! I think Im like slacking so much. have to concentrate if not Ill get into some crap class next year & I dont want that to happen. Yeah.

Family night is coming soon too! hehh

we had to learn the dance steps today and have to shake quite alot. LOL. we're gonna be using so may songs, and the steps seems kinda complicated. oh and I still havent figured out what to wear for that night.maybe 3 quarter pants with those shiny belts. Yeahh. Hurhur. for the souvenirs we're doing this transparent bottle thing. Haha, with candles inside I think.not very sure la but it's really nice. Yep(:

kayy thats about it. ill update some morenext time!

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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Hello hello. haha. I'm all alone at home in my smelly clothes. Actually not really. My family's going out to watch I not stupid too and I decided not to follow them cos I will be watchin with my higher chinese class on Monday! Haha. Yay, I cant wait.

Anww I went to church today. haha, I was feeling soooo tired during service, dont know why too. Haha, I almost fell asleep, not that it was dull or anything. Ya. Fuel was ok today! Haha, our cell had to do "research" on some bible stuff. Yep. After church I went to my gramps house for dinner. Haha, my mum and grandma were discussing abhout MAIDS as usual again. Aiyohhhh. Once they meet up, they will never ever fail to talk about maids, and maids and maids. Ok, maybe it can get interesting how the maids go meet those indian construction workers, and how many love affairs they have, and how talkative they can get etc etc etc. BUT it gets really annoying sometimes when they cant stop talking about MAIDS. ahah, just let them be la! or maybe not la. Haha.

Yesterday we went for the m,ep concert thing. It was borrrring as usual. So, since Ms Tsien aka JUAN JUAN Marisa and Hilary and I left during the interval! Hehehe. It was so funny. haha, I'm so glad I left. I hate mep concerts. Yeah Hilary went back home and then Marisa and I went to Cine, we took neos! Haha yay. Then we just walked around and stuff and it was time to go back home. I remember Marisa saying some stuff about some indian who was staring at a girls boobs. eee disgusting. haha. And during geog ytd she saw that our geog teacher had pointy toots. haha it was so sickk ok. I dont know how on earth it got so " sharp ". okok lets not think about it anymore..


we should sue moe.

kk thats about it. see ya ! <3

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey! This past two days have been great! Haha.

We went visiting, got loads of ang paos, ate so much goodies like those pineapple tarts, those white colour stuff which melts in your mouth, nuts, love letters, and not forgetting bah kua! Haha, one must never ever forget about BAH KUA. Anyway, we saw many of our relatives.. actually I dont have a deep impression of them cause I only see most of them once each year, and we say the same things to each other when we meet, and that is, " Happy chinese new year! " -.-

Haha, Oh, and I watched Memoirs of a Geisha! It's an incredible show. Oh my goodness. Haha, yeah it's quite sad actually. " A geisha is an artist of the floating world. " I mean, it's like they cant even have a life of their own, and they have to dance and sing all the time. Ee scary. haha. And they have to bid their ahem away. Yea some people said the show's quite sick, but I think it's ok. Either that or I'm getting sicker so it seems normal now. haha.

Hmm and I went for dinner at Goodwood park hotel tonight. Haha, yeah the food there was good(: The restaurant seemed rather grand, but then my mum said the service isnt so good. haha, never mnind. I ate so much! Then later we went to my aunts house and watched Harry Potter for awhile. I still think Cedric is good looking(:

Since astrid said in her blog that I must do this.. here it is!

7 things that make me smile
1. Eating lots of food everyday.
2. Getting extra cash from my parents
3. My friends joking around, most probably about sick stuff which is really weird, but funny.
4. Getting funny smses esp from astrid cause she likes to talk about AHEM and ahem trying to convince me that she doesnt like them, and making me laugh in the process. Haha.
5.Knowing that my friends care
6.Going shopping often!
7. Knowing that Pandan cake isnt here to teach us for the period

7 ways to win my heart
1. have to have a good sense of humor
2. Have to tolerate my crapiness. I tend to crap alot really often
3. Must care and talk to me!
4. believing in God
5. doing sweet things for me. Haha
6. Have to be a bit crazy and not be such a goody two shoes all the time
7. Have to like music! (: ( Not classical music)

7 things I'm afraid of
2. clowns
3. any form of rejection
4. bein lonely
5. people insultin me all the time boooo!
6. Becoming some kind of mep freak nightmares coming through

7 Things I do everyday
1. Laugh
2. Smile
3. Talk
4. bathe
5. walk
6. sms
7. play

7 people I want to see right now
1. Astrid
2. Meiyan
3. Amanda
4. Marisa
5. Jinnie
6. Tricia
7. Cheryl

7 people who have to do this quiz
1. absolutely
2. totally
3. randomly
4. anybody
5. and
6. everybody
7. !

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Friday, January 27, 2006

HAHA, oh yeah, I can't wait to wear my new clothes and eat lotsa chinese new year goodies, and go visiting. Haha, plus think of all the ANGPAOS we will be gettin soon. LOL it makes me happy just thinkin about it.

Anyhow, Marisa, Meiyan and I went out ytd. First we went to Peihwa( Marisa's sch) and just hung around. Then we took bus to orchard. Hehh. We went to satisfy our tummies at Hans. Hah the food was good. I had fish and chips but I was so full after. After that, we just walked around and looked at stuff. Oh ya we went to this make up shop thing, and then I wanted to try some of the nail polish. But unknowingly, I forgot to use the tester and used the real one instead. AND I ENDED BUYING UP THE THING. Stupid woman. Aiyohh just use little bit also cannot! hurhur. Nevermind. At least the colour's quite ok. Then, we went to take neoprints! The machine wasnt really good. Hmm, Meiyan left for tution after that.. ):

So, Marisa and I just walked to Cineleisure and looked at some of the shops. Haha, I wanted to buy some of those CHUNKY NECKLACES, but didnt in the end cause I wanted to save up some $$. Hah, oh but I bought a lip gloss thing. Haha, it's quite nice and glittery. Yep(: And when I tried this mascara thingy at the shop I almost ruined my eye. I'm never gonna use it EVER. It's so uncomfortable and sticks to your whole eye. So after that, we went back and I went to church.

I was supposed to meet Meiyan at Mgs, but since I knew I was gonna be late, I met her at church instead. And she took such a freakin long time la. Haha nevermind. Church was good. But there werent chairs for us to seat ytd. Haha, sermon was niceeee. I wrote and learnt alot. Hahaha. GOOODGOOD.

It makes me so sad that some people just dont get how I'm feeling now. I dont know.. it's just SO SAD. That they'll never get it, nor understand. I mean, I already made all the moves, and wth.

ah well. At least I know with God, everything will be fine..I hope.


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hahaha, maybe I'm going to use this blog after all.
Hmm, so now, after I have put in some effort to change the layout,
I need to put in some more effort in keeping this blog alive. (: heh.

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what? me?

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